"Introduction to Forensic Anthropology: A Textbook" by Steven N. Byers

This new book offers comprehensive coverage of all the major topics in the field of forensics with accuracy, intensity, and clarity. Readers will rejoice in the thoughtful pedagogy that leads them step by step through the most current and detailed forensic anthropology book to date! Following the protocol developed for the field by Clyde Snow in his 1982 article in the Annual Review of Anthropology, this cutting-edge book includes coverage of all areas in the field including sections on "time since death" and "the effects of trauma on the skeleton." Extensive illustrations and photos ensure the accessibility of the book. As one reviewer says, "There is no other source available that is so comprehensive in its coverage of the methods and issues in the current practice of forensic anthropology." For students or anyone interested in forensic anthropology. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

"Simpson's Forensic Medicine" by Richard Shepherd

Simpson's Forensic Medicine, the classic introduction to forensic medicine and pathology is now in its 12th edition! Written by Richard Shepherd one of the leading forensic pathologists in the field, this new edition has been revised and is completely up-to-date. The new edition includes: A new chapter on 'custody medicine', which takes a positive approach to how prisoners should be cared for in detention. New material on DNA profiling. More information on live victims to cover clinical medicine as well as pathology. New and updated photographs, particularly those showing mortuary practice

"Introduction to Forensic Psychology: Issues and Controversies in Crime and Justice" by Bruce A. Arrigo

Intro to Forensic Psych was a rather enjoyable read for me. Although a textbook, I bought it out of curiousity of the subject and to read for my personal enjoyment. The grouping of the material was different from a usual textbook, and the author admits this in the introduction. His organization does not change the ease with which one can read the book, and it makes it so the reader may jump from topic to topic without having to worry about missing some piece of information that will be needed to understand the rest of the material.

Although the author briefly gives background needed to understand some aspects of psych testing or sociology theories, previous knowledge of this material (i.e. interpretation of MMPI results or specific knowledge of social psych or sociological explainations of deviance) served to make the material more relevant.

The only major fault I found with the book was the brevity and cursory discussion of each topic. However, this is an introduction book, and the author does point out that he could write an entire book on each individual section, had he the time. This "fault" was more because the information presented fascinated me, and I wanted to read as much as I could about it.

One thing that I would have liked to see more of was case histories, how forensic psych was applied and actual outcomes. Many of the vignettes given were ficticious and few, if any, clear solutions or outcomes were ever mentioned.

Were I to take a course with this book as the text, I would find it helpful mostly in introducing topics for dicussion or debate in smaller lectures, and a good place to explore the various aspects of forensic psych work that students might not have previously considered. It would also be useful as a starting point to find more information on any dicussed topic through the use of cited works. I enjoyed the book and the author's writing style as it wasn't overly dry, even for a textbook . I would consider buying other books written by this author as he demonstrated, to me at least, a mastery of the subject matter.

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